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  • Sussex,
  • Hampshire,
  • Dorset,
  • Surrey
  • Kent
  • Boundary disputes,
  • Employment & Workplace,
  • Consumer issues,
  • Family, Divorce, Seperattion & Child arrangements
  • High value and complex claims

3-4 Years


About Alan...
Alan has been involved in mediation for nearly a quarter of a century. Initially he was principally involved with workplace mediation, dealing with change management, issues surrounding working conditions, and problems arising from workplace bullying. Later, he became involved in drawing up and mediating commercial contracts in a variety of fields, including logistics, transport and construction. In 2012 he co-founded an independent mediation company offering mediation services throughout Hampshire and the surrounding counties. His practice now includes family mediation.    ​

Alan’s work has taken him around the world and involved him in the resolution of disputes arising over many different issues and against the backdrop of sometimes challenging cultural sensitivities. These disputes often required novel and innovative solutions. He approached these challenges diligently and with complete integrity, working hard to provide an atmosphere of trust and respect.
An effective and able communicator, Alan specialises in helping parties in the most intractable disputes reach mutually acceptable agreements, often against the backdrop of challenging time frames. He is broadly experienced in mediating many areas in the civil, commercial, community and family areas.
Alan is an accredited mediator with both the Civil Mediation Council and of the Family Mediation Council and is certified by the Family Mediation Standards Board. He is a volunteer mediator with the Portsmouth Mediation Service, a charity supporting dispute resolution in Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

He has Bachelor’s degrees in science and in law, and a Master’s degree in international relations. He completed his civil and commercial mediation training at the London School of Mediation, and his family mediation training with the ADR Group, an affiliate of the Family Mediation Council. He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute.    
Training certificates & qualifications

CMC registered (2012)
LSM - civil mediation training (2012)
ADRg - Family mediation training (2013) and MIAMs Cert (2014)
FMC - Full FMC Accreditation​

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