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Dominic Collis

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  • Yorkshire
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • +National
  • Boundary disputes,
  • Employment & Workplace,
  • Consumer issues,
  • business to business disputes,
  • High value and complex claims
  • Special Educational Needs

9 -10 Years


About Dominic...
Dominic has gained 25 years experience in a commercial environment, 20 years of which have been in construction and the last 10 years at the most senior level.

Dominic is currently National Operations Manager for a national construction company and a practising Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Dominic has advised UK secondary education on the maintenance of school buildings and is the author of articles for national publications in construction.

Although his area of expertise is in construction (particularly contractual disputes, payment or contractual default and service provision) he has an enviable record in general mediation and is currently working with several leading commercial clients improving their overall dispute resolution structure and approach.
Dominic has secured mediation contracts for NHS Trusts and Local Authority Education Depts..
Dominic also specialises is civil debt matters covering areas including The Consumer Credit Act (as amended), CCA Agreements, Default Notices, Statutory Demands, Notice of Assignments, Tomlin Orders and various other agreements to pay.

Dominic undertakes standard sole mediations and also co-mediations with an accompanying mediator when there is a complex dispute, where there are more than two disputing parties or where a party may consist of a group of people. He is also on the panel of mediators for the charity Yorkshire Mediation Services, who provide voluntary mediation within communities.

He is a Student Assessor for graduates undertaking Mediation Exams, a Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute, a Member of The Civil Mediation Council, a Professional Member of the Society of Mediators and a Qualified and Accredited Mediator to International Standards graduating through the London School of Mediation.

  • Organisation Member of the Professional Mediators Association
  • Professional Member of the Society of Mediators
  • Provider Member of the Civil Mediation Council
  • Approved Provider for Ministry of Justice
  • Independent Assessor of Mediation Students at 218 Strand
  • Trustee of the Society of Mediators

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