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  • Education Law/Community care
  • Court of Protection
  • Group litigation
  • Loan /Debt disputes
  • Trade Marks/Patents
  • Land/Property/Boundary disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Insurance 
  • Employment 
  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Canterbury 
  • Brighton
  • Oxford
  • +National
  • All inter partes or solicitor-client legal costs matters
  • Accredited Evaluative Mediator in legal costs
  • Civil and Commercial litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Clinical negligence
  • ​Judicial review/Human rights

3-4 Years


About Donal...
I am a senior Costs Lawyer with over 17 years experience. I am an experienced mediator with several successful mediations in legal costs, commercial property and civil litigation. I am qualified to provide evaluative mediation in costs disputes.​​​

Wide-ranging legal costs practice – An independent Senior Costs Lawyer and Accredited Mediator with his own costs consultancy in London.  Donal's extensive legal experience has touched upon a large number of wide-ranging aspects of the law. He has conducted ADR in both costs and non-costs disputes where his current success rate to date is 100%.

Evaluative Mediator - As an Accredited Evaluative Mediator, he is qualified to provide opinions as to potential outcomes in costs disputes.
Personable, firm and tenacious –Donal has a natural and assured grasp of the civil litigation, assessment of costs and mediation processes.  His focused, patient and easy-going manner underpins his natural and practical approach, yet when necessary he can also be suitably assertive.  He is quickly able to grasp complicated details and remain neutral, while always fully engaging with the matter in hand.  His friendly, calm and confident demeanour enables him to work effectively with participants in low and high conflict disputes.

Intuitive listener – Donal has an innate ability to understand the sub-text of what people say, focusing in on the crucial underlying issues and bringing these to the surface so that they can be addressed and resolved.

Works with integrity – Donal is meticulous in preparation, proper in approach and respectful of others, making him naturally engaging and efficient as a mediator. 

Available to work anywhere – Based in London, Donal can travel nationally and internationally.  He is also skilled in telephone ADR and roundtable meetings. 

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