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Mediation with us

Simple, Quick and Effective
Disputes can be difficult enough, resolving them shouldn't be. We are committed to making the dispute resolution process simple, quick and effective. 

Our mediators are made up of the best, experienced and fully accredited professionals. We've checked their credentials, and so you know that you're in safe hands. 

We're not interested in rankings or league tables - we only work with those who we would personally recommend. 

Arranging your mediation

Arranging your mediation with us is simple. 

Tell us what you need and we will find the right professional for you. 

We will take a few details in order to understand your needs. We will then contact the other party and make the arrangements according to your instructions. 

Just start by completing our initial enquiry form below.
The venue and other requirements

Our team will look after your every need. We have access to some great venues across the country. If you need a venue, some lunch, accommodation or anything else, please just let us know. We can make all the arrangements for you.  ​​


If you need a mediation or related service at short notice, please do let us know. We will search our Network for a professional to help you. 

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Paying For your mediation

Paying for your ​mediation
(with the exception of workplace)

We will invoice each party for their equal share of the deposit

We will invoice each party for the balance of the Mediation Fee

The deposit and balance must be settled in full before the day of the mediation. Ask us for our terms for more information.  

We will invoice the employer for the fee ahead of the Mediation.

Initial Enquiry - Tell us about your Needs