Conflict & Change Management
Conflict can be harnessed in a positive way, but negative conflict can have devastating and long-lasting effects 
Common causes of conflict:
co-worker disputes
changes in the workplace
  1. Change
    Change is either planned or in progress. You need to deliver this to your workforce
  2. Bespoke Package
    We will review with you what is needed. We will listen and prepare a bespoke package for you.
  3. Success
    We'll work with you to implement your plan. By engaging with us, you'll find the entire process easy and effective.
  4. Conflict
    Conflict is causing a negative effect on team(s) or entire workforces. Productivity has fallen and/or morale is low.
Support for you 
Everything we do will be bespoke. Our aim is to help every workplace manage change and conflict in a well thought out and structured way. 

We will start by taking some time to understand your needs and assess your particular situation. You'll tell us the areas you need to address, and we will come up with the solutions. 

Potential outcomes may include strategic development of management goals, alignment of existing services with new procedures/processes, teaching, coaching and supporting management with the implementation of changes in a staff-engaging manner,  providing direct training to staff at all levels to bring about positive change management and avoiding large-scale conflict situations.

The personnel
We will take care of all your needs, and you will work with two leading change management and conflict resolution experts.

The process
We will arrange an initial discussion with you at a location of your choosing. Following this, and some further liaison and fact-finding, we will prepare a bespoke package for you.

Once you're absolutely happy, we will agree the time frame for delivery, and will work entirely with your needs.

Contact us to find out more.  

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