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Partnership/Joint Ventures
Company Law/Shareholders
Motor Industry
Sale/Purchase of Goods and Services
Development Agreements
Personal and Corporate Guarantees
Property/Real Estate
Property Development/Investment/Management
Commercial and Residential Agency Regulations
Private Equity
Compulsory Purchase
Easements, Rights of Way, Trespass, Boundary, Ransom Strips
Utility Charges
Rights of Light
Disability and Equality 
Profit Shares
Professional Negligence
Finance, Banking, Loans & Mortgages
Contract / Torts (including conversion)
Party Walls
Breach of Lease
Cohabitation claims
Wills,Probate,Inheritance, Trusts
Unpaid fees
Golf/Sports Clubs
Special Education Needs

7+ Years


About Henry...
For 30 years, I have been a lawyer in private practice specialising in the real estate and construction sectors. I am a mediator accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. From 2010 to 2013 I was Chairman of Highgate Golf Club - an ideal forum for me to apply my mediation skills!
The single most powerful experience I have had is that the principles of mediation may be applied to absolutely any dispute or conflict. As will be noted from the cases with which I have been involved, these relate to a wide variety of subject matters, not just where litigation proceedings have started but also where parties wish to manage a potential conflict (e.g. creation of joint ventures and partnerships)

I adopt a flexible approach to fees in order to be 100% certain that the level fits the circumstances. I am happy to take on a mediation whatever the value or location.

Recent Feedback
"I have used Mr Minto's services previously too. He is very good at finding middle ground and exploring that until the parties accept that there is a deal to be done. His tenacity in getting the parties to progress with the negotiation is unmatched by any other mediator I have used or observed. Having a time limited mediation helped the parties focus on a resolution in a way that was not going to be possible otherwise." Defendant's solicitor

"Henry did a fantastic job at assisting the parties in reaching a commercial solution. His input was instrumental to the parties being able to find mutual ground,compromising and agreeing to walk away from the dispute." Defendant's Solicitor
"I have been mediating since 1999 and am familiar with the first wave of top mediators in the UK having trained with them and been their observer. I would put Henry at the top: he is a gifted communicator with emotional intelligence in spades. First class - very sensitive and very genuine. It is difficult to overstate his contribution" Christopher Cox Defendant's Solicitor
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