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Searching for more work?
Mediators are joining us for a fresh approach to promotion and working. We know that there's plenty of untapped work out there. We are building the Network to offer a real platform for growth and development of your independent practice. 
Our Service
Our service for you:
We will promote you as part of our Network at no cost to you. Thereafter, we provide an administrative service for your mediation. 

As an independent mediator, you can elect for us to manage clients or simply refer them on to you. If you elect that we will manage your clients through our Network, this means that we will do the following:
Deal with the initial enquiry and set up of the matter
Invoice the parties, collecting payment, and forwarding your fees
Manage the booking process for sessions, including liaising with you or your administrative staff for dates, times and availability
Oversee the entire mediation process and all client after-care 

If you elect our promotion and referral service, we will take the initial enquiry and deposit, and send the application to you for you to manage.

All mediators are required to be accredited and registered with the appropriate overarching body such as the CMC or FMC. 
In order to apply to join our Network, there's a few items we will need (you can attach these to your application or send these in separately):
Your training certificates
Accreditation certificates
Insurance for the current year
A high resolution photo
Profile summary
References (should these be obtainable)

Once we have everything, we will review and assess your application, and if successful, we will send you our standard terms and conditions, for you to review and return.

We will store all your documentation confidentially, and it will be your responsibility to ensure that we have up to date information. 

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance as standard. We check each panel member's credentials, and then constantly review and update our information. 

We pride ourselves on our Quality Assurance Programme and this includes 360 degree reviews from clients and the Network. 

Our Network is all about promoting the best, and we will only accept applications from accredited mediators.


Promotion is key to the Network's growth and our focus is on getting your name out there where it matters. 

With our Ambassador Programme, you can be part of the Network's organic growth. We'll get you started with events and talks which are local to you, and work with you to develop key links with local organisations and people. 

Your business is our focus, and we're here to help. 

Ready To Join?

If you're ready to join, please apply by completing our application form. We will review and assess your application and then make contact with you to set everything up. 
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