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  • Sussex,
  • Hampshire,
  • Dorset,
  • Surrey
  • Kent
  • Boundary disputes,
  • Employment & Workplace,
  • Consumer issues,
  • Business to business disputes,
  • High value and complex claims

20+ Years


About Ronald...
Ronald Bradbeer is a senior mediator and facilitator with 24 years’ experience of helping clients to settle their disputes through mediation. A solicitor and consultant with Eversheds LLP with over 30 years litigation experience, Ronald’s expertise spans the full remit of commercial sectors ranging from nil value pro bono matters to multi million pound multi party disputes. As adviser to numerous shipping companies in the UK, Ronald was appointed to be the Legal Adviser for the Government’s Department for Shipbuilding Repairing and for 15 years, worked 3 days each week in London and 3 days each week in his Eversheds LLP Newcastle office where he became senior partner.
He has been a CEDR Training Faculty member since 1998. Ronald was accredited by CEDR in 1993, did his first five mediations in Scotland within 3 months of accreditation and by now has done over 1,300 mediations in most parts of the world, with a settlement rate of over 96%.
Apart from mediating, Ronald has worked around the globe as a trainer of mediators from China to Mongolia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia (working for their Attorney General, with most of the better delegates now sitting as senior judges), Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Chile, Canada, almost  all  EU member states, as well as doing online international mediations between London and New York, and London and Shanghai (when financial savings for all parties were amazing!). His overseas activities have covered more than 30 countries apart from the EU.

Personal Style
Ronald’s style in mediation reflects his approach to litigation – learn the facts, understand what the parties’ needs are, discuss and agree the process, decide the jurisdiction and the venue, and above all use his best endeavours to negotiate, failing which mediation is used whenever possible. Only as a last resort are the Courts used.
Ronald is an experienced litigator with a reputation for thoroughness and a positive approach to problems. He is particularly attentive to the emotional, practical and commercial needs of the parties. He believes that every party should have the chance to settle without the stress and expense of trial, and that a committed and patient mediator, willing to work however long it takes to get the job done, is essential for successful resolution.


  • Charities
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Media & Entertainment
  • NHS & Healthcare
  • Partnerships & Shareholder
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property
  • Sale of Goods and Services
  • Shipping
  • Sports
  • Trusts, Wills and Probate
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